Saturday, April 30, 2005


Nat passed by my office after work and we ended up taking a walk in Kuwait City. The weather was nice, 24 degrees Celsius to be exact and walking in this kind of weather is really great. We started our walk from Muthana Complex, we then walked from the alleyway behind Salhiya Complex and we headed towards the Victorinox dealer and the used book shop Q8books. When we were done with those two places we decided to go explore a bit. The first building we went into we spotted something strange. Their were four very tiny rooms with a small fan and one phone in every room. It was an international phone-call shop but the private rooms were really tiny and they just looked very prison like for some reason. So I took a picture of it. There were a lot of interesting photo opportunities today and I wish I could post more then one picture here but I can't. I did post a B-Side picture on 2:48AM, check out it by clicking here.

Friday, April 29, 2005


The sky was beautiful today, it was very dark on one level but bright on the other. The whole day was like that. Everything on the ground was very bright but the sky was dark and cloudy, it created a lot of nice contrast. I shot this picture from the window of my room. I was scanning something on my computer and it was taking time, so I went and stood next to the window to kill some time when I noticed the strange sky. It was in the afternoon before it started raining and I decided to take a picture because I liked the contrast between the dark and bright clouds. Kuwait is a nicer place when the sky is full of clouds.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


I was in Hawalli today buying a Router/DSL modem combo because when I upgraded my mac to Tiger, the qualitynet modem stopped working. I guess the modem drivers don't work with Tiger yet. Anyway on the way back I saw the store Karaz. The ads for this store are plastered all over Kuwait so you would except it to be something big. From what I saw outside, its a disappointment. I mean look how small the signage is, with all this publicity you would at-least expect something bigger. Anyway its nearly 12am now and I need to post this up quick. Talk to you tomorrow. By the way, I think this qualifies as the worst picture on Miskan so far.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I got a phone-call from Sultan Center today, the A&W root beers I had ordered finally arrived. I love A&W root beer and for some reason they were only getting the diet version here. So, I passed by tonight and ended up buying 2 cartons. Each carton costs KD4.400 which is a lot more expensive then they should be, but fuck it, its not like I get to have this all the time. I really like this service they have, its called Just Ask and basically you can ask them to get you nearly any product they don't have. You don't pay for shipping or anything. If you want you can order stuff via their website I am gonna go now and email them some good feedback. Nat is also kind of pissed cuz I have taken over the fridge, if you open it now all you see are root beer cans.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My favorite photography book ironically is by one of my favorite typographers, David Carson. The book is called Fotografiks and it features pictures taken by David Carson himself. If you look at the pictures though you will see they are normal pictures of various normal things, but each and every one of his shots has this unexplainable mood. He gives the most boring everyday objects another dimension, its very strange how his eye sees things. Well anyway todays picture I think fits with the David Carson style. Its a normal picture of a boring landscape, and there really isn't anything special to see. But, the colors the way the buildings are cropped at the bottom and the way the sky is taking up 90% of the image, all these combined create this cool mood. My favorite parts of the image are the red and white tower near the bottom center of the picture and the white thing that looks like a space saucer towards the middle right of the picture. I could take this picture as it is, slap it on a cd cover and it wouldn't seem out of place at all.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Bashar Ya Bashar

Yes thats Bashar, the first runner-up from last years Star Academy and yes thats a burger in his hand and yes its a Burger King ad. Bashar is now the new spokesperson for Burger King it seems. I think they are trying to copy Amr Diab in the Pepsi commercials. The biggest issue I have with this is that the burger in his hand isn't anything new. Its just the regular Mushroom and Swiss burger except with one meat patty instead of the regular two. Its not even a good deal. The single patty mushroom and swiss combo costs KD1.300 while a double patty XXL version combo costs KD1.350. For 50fils extra you basically get double the burger. Its a total rip off. Some people at the office seem to think Bashar sold out doing this commercial, I think if he made some money out of it, good for him, but now can we please have a new burger on the menu!! Oh by the way anyone remember the cartoon where the theme song went something like "bashar ya bashar haya ila il 3amalee".. Well I couldn't get the song out of my head now so I googled and I found a link to an MP3 version but its a Sasouki (the other cartoon) remix.. really weird click here to listen to it.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


I was at Marina Mall today and I was passing near the Adidas store when I noticed something. There was a new display inside with a built in screen. I straight away new that the stand was for the new Adidas 1 sneakers so I went into the store and I was right. What is the Adidas 1? The Adidas 1 is the first intelligent sneaker. It comes with a built in 20MHz microprocessor that adjusts the sneakers cushioning in response to different surfaces and if you went from walking to running. You can also adjust the cushioning yourself manually using the + and - buttons located on the side of the sneakers. Sadly, this smart shoes has 2 problems. The first, they are really ugly, gold and silver do not go well together. The second problem is the price, at KD93 these would be a pair of very expensive sneakers. Its like iPod or sneakers, tough choice..

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fire Chasing

I went outside my apartment today to put out the trash when I noticed black smoke coming out between some buildings around 2 or 3KM away. So I told nat to get our stuff, we were gonna go fire chasing. We took nat's wrangler just incase we needed to off-road, and we headed off in the direction of the smoke. Once we got near the smoke we started to hear sirens, then out of the blue 2 fire trucks appeared. We waited till they got close and then we started to follow them. Then I noticed something strange. There was a white pajero in-front of us with 2 girls in it and they were also fire chasing! So we both followed the fire trucks till we arrived to the site of the fire. It was a construction site and some flammable material in their garbage caught fire. So after realizing there wasn't going to be an exciting rescue or something we left to go have lunch.

Friday, April 22, 2005


A friend of mine was telling me he read in the paper that Alghanim got the Hummer H3 and that they are taking pre-orders. I found that hard to believe since the H3 wasn't out yet in the states yet alone here in Kuwait. So i decided to go to Alghanim and check it out myself and to my surprise, they have the H3. I don't understand how they have it but they do. Price is around KD14,500 and you can pre-order one today and you might receive it in July. I think the H2 and H1 both look better then the H3. The H3's fenders are really ugly but I am sure once the thing is on the road it will look a lot better.. and once its NOT in yellow. If it was black it would have looked a lot better thats for sure. Anyway today is Day 160 of the project.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Who Killed Bachir?

Photography isn't my only hobby, I think I mentioned this before but I also like spray painting. Its an interesting medium and its a really cool way to send a message to the mass without really paying that much. One spray can costs 400 fils at Sultan Center while an A4 sized carton costs nothing. I personally enjoy spray painting political messages and they aren't usually aimed for the mass crowd. My messages are targeted to a small minority of people, mostly Lebanese residents who are into Lebanese politics. It's not easy preparing a stencil for spray painting. Cutting out each letter can be a real pain and one mistake and you have to start all over again. Then you also need to get a visual. Preparing a visual on the computer alone can take forever to get right. Since I recently got a printer I will be doing more spray painting but the only problem I have at the moment is finding places to spray paint on. I try not to spray private property. My favorite locations are construction sites. They usually have a plain empty wall surrounding the site and I use these as my art board. The way I think about it is incase I do get caught at-least it won't cost me much to just paint over my spray paints. In Lebanon my friends have actually developed a strategy when spray painting political messages since you do not want to get caught there. When mass spraying they drive around in 3 cars which follow each other. The middle car is where the spray painting occurs, the first car is 30 meters ahead and the last car is 30 meters behind. The front and back cars are the lookouts for the middle car. If they see a car approaching they would honk the horn and the people spraying would have to stop and get back into the middle car. This strategy doesn't work for me here since its just me and Nat, but I don't mass spray paint anyway. The idea is arousing though.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Holiday Inn

I passed by the new Holiday Inn today. The new Holiday Inn is located across the street from Showbiz and has only been open for a week now. I was there on business and was able to check out the whole place. I have to say, I am impressed. Although the building that contains Holiday Inn used to be an apartment building before, they have managed to totally convert the inside to one of the nicest looking hotels in Kuwait. The lobby is very beautiful and modern, it has a really high ceiling made mostly of glass and the furniture is all very tasteful. I checked out the regular room, the executive room, the junior suite and the executive suite. They all are very handsomely decorated and are very affordable. The executive suite which is the largest room they have is 2 large rooms, one is a living area with its own bathroom, small kitchen and plasma screen with internet access while the bedroom features a large king sized bed with a wall to wall cupboard and a large bathroom which includes a jacuzzi and a shower. All for only KD110 a night. They have a Lebanese restaurant on the ground floor called Ayam Zaman. It is easily by far the best decorated Lebanese restaurant in Kuwait. Very elegant and very beautiful. They also have a Chinese restaurant but I wasn't able to check it out because it was still under construction. Outside the restaurant though they had this huge stone mural on the wall which I took a close up picture of. I am seriously surprised at how nice the place turned out to be. The only issue I found was that the corridor to the rooms seemed a bit cramped, but other then that its a very refined hotel.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Todays picture looks planned, though-out and composed. In reality it was a drive by shooting. There is no way in hell I was going to park my car, get out and stand behind this old man sitting on the bench and take his picture without his permission. What if he turned around or if someone saw me? I couldn't go up and ask the guy if I could take the picture because what if he said I can't? What if he asked why? What if he said yes but then moved or sat in a different way? Also try explaining to people you want the picture for a web based project. The word picture plus internet in the same sentence will not get you good feedback. So, I had to resort to the lowest form of photography, voyeurism. After I was done passing this guy I saw another excellent shot, it was a woman dressed in total black "abaya" and she was sitting on the bench. Not only that but there was another local man in white "deshdasha" who was walking and was about to pass by from behind her. That meant I could have gotten another shot like the one I have now except it involved two local people. That would have made the picture a lot more powerful, more postcard like. But, I decided it wasn't worth the risk, I would definitely would have been spotted by the guy and would have gotten into a lot of trouble. I hope this will be my last voyeur shot.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Sky Above

After work I had to go pick up Nat from this place she was at. While waiting for her to finish I parked my car infront of a building in the area, played some Jimi Hendrix on the stereo and just chilled. The building I was parked next to reminded me a lot of the buildings you find in Lebanon. It's an old building but it was in good condition. It had a large balcony that went from one side of the building to the other, something you don't see that much of here in Kuwait. The ceiling of the balcony also had wooden planks, something I have never seen before in Kuwait. Some small trees were also planted outside giving the place a very soothing feel. So sitting there in the car, windows rolled down, roof wide open and a nice sea breeze blowing, it just really felt like I was back in Lebanon. While sitting there day dreaming, I look up into the sky above and right on top of me was this lamppost. My sunroof kinda framed a shot of it and I was like yeah this looks interesting, so I took out my camera and shot this picture. I am generally into new stuff like the latest gadgets, the latest cars etc.. but I don't like old classic cars, antiques and stuff. The only exception to this is with old architecture. I just find older architecture more interesting and more colorful then the current modern stuff. The other day I was noticing the Phoenicia hotel color scheme in-front of Muthana Complex for example and I just loved it. The whole building used to be white but the balconies on the inside were baby blue. It was a perfect balance and I am sure it must have looked really fresh back in the days. If I ever built a house I would probably go with that style myself, all white except the inside of the balcony would be baby blue.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stop the Bus

I don't like the bus service here in Kuwait. I used to ride them when I was still in high school but I never enjoyed it. When I was in Canada I used to take the public bus everyday to school and back, and I really enjoyed it. Before I left the house I would call up this number and enter in the number of the bus stop near me, then an automated voice would tell me when the next bus would pass by. If she said 4 minutes then in exactly 4 minutes the bus would be there. This was back in 1993, imagine how things are now. In Kuwait on the other hand, riding the bus is a completely different story. Not only that but the bus drivers here are very aggressive on the road. They try to cut you off and make sudden stops.. they are a danger to everyone. I have gotten into fights with bus drivers trying to pull in infront of me soo many times its ridiculous. Where are they trained? Are they trained? In Canada also, the bus driver opens the doors to let people on or off ONLY at bus stops. He can't pull up on the side if someone is waving at him to stop, he isn't allowed to. In Kuwait bus drivers pull up like taxi drivers. Like Nibaq keeps saying, we need a subway system here.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


On my way today morning I was driving with the windows and sunroof open since the weather was really nice. I got to work and an hour later the weather completely changed. Suddenly I couldn't see anything outside my window, just like that everything disappeared into this thick dust-storm. They seem to be getting worst and worst every year. By noon the weather had cleared and everything was fine, then by 1 it started to rain a bit and there was thunder. Then everything was normal again. Now at night its humid. 4 different kinds of weather in 1 day...

Friday, April 15, 2005


On my way to IKEA today (Friday is Ikea day) I saw a 4 car pile up on a bridge on the 4th ring road. I don't know what exactly happened but it involved a Corvette, a Toyota Prado, a Lexus GS 300 and a 4th car I didn't really see well. The Prado had the most damage, it looked as if it had flipped. The corvette was the second badly damaged car, it was totaled from the front. It was facing the right hand barrier when I saw it so it could have rammed into the barrier. It was also the first car in the accident. The prado was the second, Lexus third and the unknown car the 4th. The Lexus was badly damaged from the rear but only on the right side. Using my CSI and CSI: Miami experience, my guess would be the Corvette was speeding, hit the Prado from the rear on the left side, lost control and spun and hit the right barrier. The Prado hit the Lexus on the back right side so that might mean the Prado driver also lost control or panicked, swerved right, hit the lexus, then also spun, lost its balanced and flipped. The Lexus then might have hit the 4th car from the rear. Here is a picture of the corvette. I am probably way off..

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Tonight me and nat decided to try something new for dinner so we stopped by this new restaurant called Creps located under the Marina Residence building next to Marina Mall. Its one of those drive up and give your order type of place. This restaurant though had only been open for one day, so its extremely new and you could tell right away after my first question. I asked the philipina chick what they put in the Philidelphia Sandwich, she had to go inside ask the manager who I guess also didn't know what they put inside it since they both started looking for something. When they found it she came back to me and she had with her now a paper where all the ingredients of the sandwiches were written on it. After that Nat wanted to know what was in the Russian Salad, so the philipina chick went back inside but this time came back with the manager. He told us what was in the salad. I then asked him what they put in the fahita, he told me beef or chicken. I said chicken but what else do you put in it. He was like lasagna. I was like Lasagna? He is like you can have it with meet or vegetable. I was like huh? I just wanted to know what do you put in the fahita. He was like chicken or beef. I said Chicken, he was like lettuce and tomato. So we finished up our order, got our food and left. Surprisingly my fahita didnt kill me. It didnt have any lettuce or tomato as the guy had said and it was also definetly not worth KD1.200 since it was just too small. Nat had the greek salad which she didnt like. So the lesson of the day, don't eat at place that just opened.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Todays picture has to be the worst one I have posted but it is of something really cool... or at-least to me. Me and Nat went to the Nilfisk dealer to check out some vacuums. I am thinking of buying a new vacuum cleaner and there are only two brands I would buy, Dyson and Nilfisk. Since I don't know of any Dyson dealer in Kuwait our only option is Nilfisk. While checking out the stuff at the dealer we came across what has to be the coolest vacuum cleaner ever. Its a back pack version!! Isn't that just like really cool, you wear the vacuum cleaner on your back and you walk around the house vacuuming the floor. With this, vacuuming the stairs is no longer a problem and there is nothing I have to drag with me from room to room while vacuuming. PLUS, with this on my back I will look so fucking cool! It will look like I am carrying a jet pack!! The price is the worst part, KD135 after discount. Thats basically another Sony PSP which I would rather get so that me and nat can play multiplayer games.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Police Chase

Today on my way back from a meeting I saw the coolest thing. On the other side of the road a police SUV was speeding behind a black car, then the cops sped past the car, slammed the brakes and tried to stop in-front of the car. The black car then swerved left to avoid the cops and the cops swerved left also. The black car ended up running off the road and hitting the pavement. I didn't see what happened right after that since we went out of sight but there was a traffic light right ahead so we quickly did a u-turn. A few seconds later we were behind the cop car, the two cops were attacking the driver of the black car. I couldn't make out what nationality he was or what he had done, but it seemed the cops were really pissed at him. Anyway we did another u-turn once again so that we were back on our way to the office, when we past by the cars again the driver was in the back seat of the cop car and the two cops seemed to have been searching the black car. We continued driving to the office after that. The whole thing happened so quickly but it was really cool to watch. Today is day 150 of the project.

Monday, April 11, 2005


I went to Al Ghanim Electronics tonight to get myself a printer and scanner. On the way back I passed by some dvd street hawkers. One of them I noticed last time had a portable Toshiba DVD player with a built in LCD screen. I thought that was incredible and tonight I decided I would take a picture of it and share it with everyone. So I went up to the street hawker and I was thinking, should I pretend I am a tourist or just speak arabic to him. I figured let me just speak arabic since it would be much easier. So I asked the guy, can I take a picture of your DVD player. He was like yeah go ahead, but then he froze for a second. He was like, first tell me what do you do. I told him I am a designer. He was like you sure you don't work for the municipality?? I told him do I look like I do? He was like no. So I proceeded to take the picture, then he again stopped me and told me, listen, if you work for the municipality you have to tell me, if it turns out you do then I am gonna be very disappointed. I told him relax, I just find the DVD player interesting. So I took the camera and was getting ready to shoot when I noticed the guy moved completely away from his table. I guess he was worried he might be in the picture. I took my shot, thanked him and walked away.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's Over

I finally did it, I cancelled my Shownet internet subscription. I have been with shownet for over 3 years now but the past few months have been terrible. I still believe they have the best price per bandwidth in Kuwait. I was paying KD50 a month for Showtime Total Plus channels, and an internet connection of 1500kb down and 128kb up. It was a pretty cool connection until recently, they changed their hardware and ever since then I have had tons of issues with them. For the past month and a half I wasn't able to get online at home using the satellite connection. No one could come over to fix it because they stop work at 5 and I am at work till 5:30. I couldn't take my pc over to their workshop because they close at 6 while it takes me 35 minutes to get to them. Their customer support on the phone was terrible.. thats IF someone ever picked up. Most times I would call and be on hold for 10 minutes and then suddenly they would hang-up on me. Anyway whats past is past and today I was finally able to cancel my subscription. I had to get off work early so I could be at Showtime before 6. Oh yeah, you have to go all the way to their farwaniya branch if you need to cancel your account but you can go to any branch including the marina mall one if you want to create an account. How very practical for them. So I am now moving to DSL. I had options between Fasttelco, Qualitynet, Zajil and UCC. Qualitynet have the double your bandwidth promo going on so I will go with them. KD32 a month, I get a free DSL modem plus a 512KB connection. Best DSL deal in town. Tomorrow I will go and finalize my papers. I can't wait.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sexy in Black

Todays picture of the day is about the Sony PSP. I finally got mine 3 hours ago! I have been wanting a PSP since they first came out but the KD190 price was a major put off. So, I decided to wait till the US release so I could get it for cheaper and finally, late last month the PSP was released in the States. At first I was hesitant to get one, but then just like that I placed an order for a Extreme Bundle on The bundle came with a PSP value pack, the games Tony Hawk, Need For Speed and Wipeout Pure, plus a PSP starter kit. The total cost with shipping KD140. My biggest fear was that customs wouldn't allow my PSP into Kuwait. It seems Sony and Panasonic have a deal with customs that if any of their products tried to come into Kuwait they would be stopped and sent back to where they came from. I couldn't bear the thought of that happening to me, and luckily, it didn't. I got my PSP a few hours ago and my first impression was what a fucking amazing screen it has. The whole device just blows the Nintendo DS (main competitor) out of the water. There is no DS vs PSP war because the PSP has won. Anyway, I was just starting Tony Hawk before I decided to post and now I must get back to my game.

Friday, April 08, 2005

High Voltage

Today I went to the Michrief Fair Ground. There was supossingly a "Modern Home" exhibition going on. So I figured I might find something for the house, some accessories or a funky lamp, something like that. I got to the exhibition and was completely shocked on how completely different the thing turned out to be. Modern my ass it should have been called the "Ugly Home" exhibition. I found the most terrifying and the most un-minimalist designed furniture I have ever seen. Absolutely nothing modern about anything. I quickly browsed around and then escaped before my mind could get effected by the bad design. The weather was nice though. The sky was surprisingly blue with strips of clouds everywhere. On our way back home we passed by the high voltage lines. I used to love them when I was a kid, especially at night with the little red lights on it. Now though I know the dangers they posses and am actually surprised to see so many residential buildings around it. Unlike Lebanon though, there are no residential buildings right under it.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Light My Fire

I went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner tonight. I had been there once
when it first opened and this was my second time. If you are going
there and expecting to hear Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix,
Pink Floyd etc.. well you are going to the wrong place. Hard Rock Cafe
Kuwait does not play any rock music, or at-least they didn't play any
tonight. Instead they had a DJ mixing some dance music. Very
disappointing, the place is like another TGIF. It also wasn't crowded
at all tonight except for a bunch of high school kids who were hanging
out at the entrance. The food was also disappointing. Last time I was
there I tried the Club Sandwich and didn't like it at all. Today I had
the Lamb Sandwich and had two bites and left it as it is. Even the
coleslaw tasted weird. So no rock music + bad food = I would rather
have had McDonalds. Traffic on the way to Hard Rock Cafe and on the
way back home was a bitch as usual. Luckily I live in Salmiya and Hard
Rock Cafe is in Salmiya, plus the weather was great so the drive
didn't feel that bad. Tonight's weather actually reminded me of
Lebanon for some reason..

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fantasy World

Yesterday I was at Fantasy World at Souk Sharq when I found Flick Trix BMW bikes and extreme tracks. Flick Trix are basically tiny BMW bikes you control with your fingers and you can make tricks with them. They were in the discount section selling for really cheap, bmw bike for 300fils while a half pipe track for KD1.200. So I went and got 2 bikes and 1 half pipe. When I got home I found out the half pipe was really huge and looked very cool. So today I went back and purchased the rest of the set. I got a Flick Trix Extreme Bowl Park, a Flick Trix Platform and 2 more BMX bikes. While at the discount section I found some really cool MicroMachines car you sets. They were selling for KD1.100. So I went ahead and got three different types of sets. I paid a total of KD6. Which is really not much considering what I got. Now I can build the ultimate bike park and invite friends over to play.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Honey Pot

Today I had to visit a client, while waiting for him we were led into the "ballroom" where me and the account handler sat and waited. The ballroom (thats what they called it) is really interesting. The place hasn't be decorated since they first opened the office back in the 70s or 80s. The place was like retro heaven. The ceiling which is todays picture is amazing. I really love it. Then the sofas, the desk, all of it looked 30 years old. Everything was in excellent condition, just the style is 30 years old. Actually whats ironic is this retro look is trendy now. The only new addition to this room was a large 60inch plasma at the far end. Another thing I loved were some of the paintings. I asked the chairman later who had painted them and he told me a painter called Ibrahim Ismail did them over 24 years ago. I couldn't believe it. The paintings I saw looked very trendy. They were paintings of the local culture, one for example was an old souk, the other of some bedouin men, and they all had this style I hadn't seen before. The painter uses a lot of straight lines, its hard to explain so I googled a bit and managed to find a picture of one painting where you can see what I am talking about. Click here to see it. I really love this guys work and I am now interested in finding out more about him. When I left the meeting the chairman was very nice and gave me a souvenir to take with me. It was a hand painted pot from Portugal filled with honey. A very nice item I will probably display in my living room.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Work really feels different with my new office space. I came to work today morning excited and I spent all day really chilled out, listening to my music, and working on some layouts. I got a lot of work to do and I am under a lot of pressure, but sitting at my desk now, staring outside the window is just really relaxing. I am starting to notice the pigeons a lot more now since they live right outside my window. One thing I noticed, pigeons are really horny... all the time. They are always kissing each other and trying to hump one another. I don't know if this is how pigeons play but to me it looks all very sexual. Its cool though the way they just hangout all together. Its like starbucks but for pigeons outside my window. We seem to be a very popular location, I guess because of the view and the great nesting area. Maybe I should draw some stuff and stick it on the window, this way I can add a bit of sophistication to their place.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Office Space

For the past 4 months or so since I joined my new agency, I have been sitting and working on a tiny desk near the printer. It was supposed to be temporary till some room got freed up but it was the worst location in the office. There were people always passing behind me making noise trying to get to the printer. There was also absolutely no privacy since my back was towards the rest of the office. It was really depressing. Finally today though I got my new place. I still have my tiny desk but it seems so much bigger now in my new place. I was given a nice section near the window. There isn't anyone around and I sit in the corner with two large windows on my right, a cupboard in-front of me and a wall behind me. Today had to be the best day since I joined the agency. I finally felt at home and comfortable. It might not be much to some but when you work in a large company like ours, you don't get window seats. Todays picture is of the view from my window. I find it amazing, I really love it. If I moved the camera more to the right you would be able to see the graveyard next to JW Marriott. Tomorrow I might take some posters with me and put them up behind me on the wall. I love my corner.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Underpass

There is this really long bridge in Shuwaikh area (I think its the longest bridge in Kuwait) which I love driving underneath during the evening. For a few moments I feel as if I am not in Kuwait but back in Montreal or New York or something. It just doesn't look like its in Kuwait at all. There are actually many roads like this in Kuwait where for the few moments you drive on it you lose touch with reality and you just travel to another place and suddenly you are on the LA freeway zooming by at 60 miles an hour when suddenly a guy in an orange taxi cuts you off and you wake up and realize you are still in Kuwait. Today is day 140 of the project.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hello Yellow

I got a phone call from Eastpak & Jansport the other day. They had received a new shipment of bags including some limited edition versions and the guy wanted me to pass by and check them out. So, tonight I passed by with Nat and nibaq to check out the new stuff. Nibaq is still looking for a messenger bag for his new powerbook and I told him he might find something cool there. They always have some really cool stuff, so cool that I always wish I was going on a vacation or something so I could buy a good bag. Last time I travelled I had a terribly small and uncomfortable backpack and I really regret then not getting a better one. This time around when I travel I am gonna get the best backpack I can afford. The coolest thing in the showroom ofcourse is the bright yellow Ducati 1000DS motorbike, and you can have it for only KD3900!