Thursday, April 21, 2005

Who Killed Bachir?

Photography isn't my only hobby, I think I mentioned this before but I also like spray painting. Its an interesting medium and its a really cool way to send a message to the mass without really paying that much. One spray can costs 400 fils at Sultan Center while an A4 sized carton costs nothing. I personally enjoy spray painting political messages and they aren't usually aimed for the mass crowd. My messages are targeted to a small minority of people, mostly Lebanese residents who are into Lebanese politics. It's not easy preparing a stencil for spray painting. Cutting out each letter can be a real pain and one mistake and you have to start all over again. Then you also need to get a visual. Preparing a visual on the computer alone can take forever to get right. Since I recently got a printer I will be doing more spray painting but the only problem I have at the moment is finding places to spray paint on. I try not to spray private property. My favorite locations are construction sites. They usually have a plain empty wall surrounding the site and I use these as my art board. The way I think about it is incase I do get caught at-least it won't cost me much to just paint over my spray paints. In Lebanon my friends have actually developed a strategy when spray painting political messages since you do not want to get caught there. When mass spraying they drive around in 3 cars which follow each other. The middle car is where the spray painting occurs, the first car is 30 meters ahead and the last car is 30 meters behind. The front and back cars are the lookouts for the middle car. If they see a car approaching they would honk the horn and the people spraying would have to stop and get back into the middle car. This strategy doesn't work for me here since its just me and Nat, but I don't mass spray paint anyway. The idea is arousing though.


Blogger Entrepreneur said...

Hmm that would be fun. I think Grafiti and taggin can be creative, and in fact liven up an otherwise drab urban landscape. Bravo. Maybe you can tag some famous places in kuwait, and post them :) or is that asking for trouble?

12:22 AM, April 22, 2005  

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