Thursday, April 28, 2005


I was in Hawalli today buying a Router/DSL modem combo because when I upgraded my mac to Tiger, the qualitynet modem stopped working. I guess the modem drivers don't work with Tiger yet. Anyway on the way back I saw the store Karaz. The ads for this store are plastered all over Kuwait so you would except it to be something big. From what I saw outside, its a disappointment. I mean look how small the signage is, with all this publicity you would at-least expect something bigger. Anyway its nearly 12am now and I need to post this up quick. Talk to you tomorrow. By the way, I think this qualifies as the worst picture on Miskan so far.


Blogger Entrepreneur said...

agreed mark! hehe, i saw that store too, opposite where JC Pennys was on the road that has all the PC stores. :)

so what exactly do they sell? cherries? is that code for something? ;)

4:02 AM, April 29, 2005  
Blogger AnGeL said...

i saw the adds and heard about it but never went there or ever knew what they sell..

8:55 PM, April 29, 2005  
Blogger Misguided said...

1.What mac system did u upgrade to Tiger on.

I thought I would wait a bit before upgrading. My biggest fear is that Microsoft office won't work on it and that if I upgrade I may lose some files or apps..any tips



9:30 AM, April 30, 2005  
Blogger Mark said...

I upgraded Tiger on the following 3 systems:

G4 Graphite PowerMac 733Mhz
G4 Ai Powerbook 876Mhz
G5 PowerMac Dual 2.0Ghz

So far only the following issues have come up:

1) Qualitynet Silve Thomson DSL modem wont work with Tiger
2) Extensis Suitcase and Adobe products have issues with the fonts

I just ran Microsoft Office and its working fine. You can get more info on my tiger experience on

10:30 AM, April 30, 2005  
Blogger PeTiTa said...

Heheh thats cool I have seen the ads and I really thought it was a huge mall. I guess I was wrong :P

7:58 AM, May 03, 2005  

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