Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My favorite photography book ironically is by one of my favorite typographers, David Carson. The book is called Fotografiks and it features pictures taken by David Carson himself. If you look at the pictures though you will see they are normal pictures of various normal things, but each and every one of his shots has this unexplainable mood. He gives the most boring everyday objects another dimension, its very strange how his eye sees things. Well anyway todays picture I think fits with the David Carson style. Its a normal picture of a boring landscape, and there really isn't anything special to see. But, the colors the way the buildings are cropped at the bottom and the way the sky is taking up 90% of the image, all these combined create this cool mood. My favorite parts of the image are the red and white tower near the bottom center of the picture and the white thing that looks like a space saucer towards the middle right of the picture. I could take this picture as it is, slap it on a cd cover and it wouldn't seem out of place at all.


Blogger Patrick said...

Yup, real cool picture.

10:21 AM, April 27, 2005  

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