Friday, September 16, 2005

Pop Shoot

What a day. I had a commercial shoot from 8AM till 5PM in the afternoon. All of the shooting involved being outdoors so I have a sunburn at the moment. I also had to take the roof off of my Wrangler because it was going to be used in one of the shots. Let me tell you something, its too fucking hot to be driving around in this weather with the roof off, you might as well drive with the heaters on you know. Anyway, todays picture was taken in a public park where one of our shots took place. I like taking pictures of the blades of grass, its not shots you usually associate with Kuwait and because you get so close, the picture can be deceiving. For example I like the picture because to me it feels very gloomy and wintery. In reality, the actual scene was hot, bright and sunny. You don't always get what you see.


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