Saturday, April 30, 2005


Nat passed by my office after work and we ended up taking a walk in Kuwait City. The weather was nice, 24 degrees Celsius to be exact and walking in this kind of weather is really great. We started our walk from Muthana Complex, we then walked from the alleyway behind Salhiya Complex and we headed towards the Victorinox dealer and the used book shop Q8books. When we were done with those two places we decided to go explore a bit. The first building we went into we spotted something strange. Their were four very tiny rooms with a small fan and one phone in every room. It was an international phone-call shop but the private rooms were really tiny and they just looked very prison like for some reason. So I took a picture of it. There were a lot of interesting photo opportunities today and I wish I could post more then one picture here but I can't. I did post a B-Side picture on 2:48AM, check out it by clicking here.


Blogger otuydbvckblkh said...

hope they hear good news in these scary tiny rooms !
nice shot miskan :)

11:37 AM, May 01, 2005  

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