Sunday, April 03, 2005

Office Space

For the past 4 months or so since I joined my new agency, I have been sitting and working on a tiny desk near the printer. It was supposed to be temporary till some room got freed up but it was the worst location in the office. There were people always passing behind me making noise trying to get to the printer. There was also absolutely no privacy since my back was towards the rest of the office. It was really depressing. Finally today though I got my new place. I still have my tiny desk but it seems so much bigger now in my new place. I was given a nice section near the window. There isn't anyone around and I sit in the corner with two large windows on my right, a cupboard in-front of me and a wall behind me. Today had to be the best day since I joined the agency. I finally felt at home and comfortable. It might not be much to some but when you work in a large company like ours, you don't get window seats. Todays picture is of the view from my window. I find it amazing, I really love it. If I moved the camera more to the right you would be able to see the graveyard next to JW Marriott. Tomorrow I might take some posters with me and put them up behind me on the wall. I love my corner.


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