Sunday, March 27, 2005

Red Blood

I didn't have work today so I woke up late and watched Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. I didn't have time yesterday because I spent most of the night watching the news on the Beirut Bombing that happened last night. I watched Saw last night though, it was interesting except I didn't like who the bad guy turned out to be. Otherwise it was an interesting plot the reminded me a lot of Seven for some reason. Earlier tonight, me and nat met up with nibaq. We decided to go to Kuwait City and check some places out. The weather was really nice and so when we were done exploring we went and had dinner at Restaurant 99. On the way back nibaq wanted to pass by the bank, thats when I shot this money exchange thing. I was trying to fix the white balance of the picture because there was a neon light or something over it when I accidently turned the picture red. I found it interesting so I decided to keep it like this.


Blogger Zaydoun said...

Did you like Harold & Kumar? I have it but haven't seen it yet

1:49 PM, March 28, 2005  
Blogger Mark said...

I found it funny but would u like it or not depends on the fact if you liked other movies like "How High?" or "Half Baked". Its a movie about stoners so expect it to be really stupid. I spent most of the time laughing but then again I always laugh at anything :)

2:10 PM, March 28, 2005  

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