Monday, March 21, 2005

De Sede

I just came back awhile ago from furniture shopping. My creative director is moving into a flat in my building and he really wants to furnish it nicely. So, I took him to Fauteuil Club which belongs to Dia Behbahani. They are located in Shuwaikh, Canada Dry street, you take the first right after McDonalds and then a left at the roundabout. They also have Herman Miller offices. Really great stuff. But, we went there for one brand only and that brand is located in the basement far away from everything else. The brand is De Sede. De Sede simply make the most gorgeous and beautifully designed couches in the world. There is nothing that comes close. First we checked out the DS 152. Thats the couch in the picture I took. Its very cool, very different and best of all it comes with a built in flat screen monitor. Price, KD3600. The couch we were interested in though, was the DS 164 which is designed by Hugo De Ruiter. This couch not only looks good but its also extremely practical. You can check that couch on the De Sede website by clicking here. This couch does not have a fixed back. The back of the couch rotates around the couch on fixed tracks. So, this means you can have the couch face any direction you want just by moving around the sofas back. Its very one of a kind and would definitely be a great center piece in any room. The price, KD4000. Although it might sound steep but compared to other couches in this price range by other brands like Rolf Benz (located in SunCity) for example, this couch is actually a pretty good deal. The way the couches and chairs are displayed at the showroom is also very nice. The place is very dark with only a spotlight or two over an item. There were in total 3 couches and maybe 4 or 5 different chairs. Everything is by order and you have to wait around 2 months for your couch to arrive. You also get to choose what texture, color and material you want your couch to be... all included in the price. For more info on the couches, click here for the De Sede website.


Blogger fadibou said...

Here is the equation:
1 Sofa = Nissan Altima
2 Sofas = Mini Cooper S
3 Sofas = New BMW 3 series
4 Sofas = VW Tuareq
5 Sofas = Porsche Carrera
6 Sofas = A used Ferrari 355
7 Sofas = A used SL 350
9 Sofas = A used SL 500
10 Sofas = A lovely Ferrari 360 Modena and enough spare money to a buy a new camera. :)

12:25 AM, March 22, 2005  
Blogger Pedro said...

Very good photos!
Greetings from Portugal.

2:02 AM, March 22, 2005  
Blogger Mark said...

i told my wife, why do you need a car, we can get this couch instead. she said no.

9:36 AM, March 22, 2005  

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