Friday, January 28, 2005

Anger Management

I love OZ Racing wheels. I wanted to get some 18" Super Turismo's for my beemer but they were just too expensive. So today I was in the car/phone street in sharq and I found this Porsche Cayenne with some 20" Canyon ST's OZ Racing wheels and they looked really stunning. I spent more time drooling over the wheels then the fast cars all around me. Later me and my wife went shopping. We got into a huge fight, I wanted her to get this really cool DKNY Jeans jacket and she gave me a silly excuse that the jacket was a bit big, although her size is small and the jacket was small. Its not the first time she does this, something would look really cool on her and she would give me the excuse no its not fitting right. Today though I just couldn't take it and I blew up. When I get pissed I just throw and kick things out of my room. Last time my wife finished my cornflakes and I just REALLY hate it when I feel like having cornflakes and cant find any, so I kicked out a garbage bin and a stool, today I threw some cd cases and the same stool as last time (2KD IKEA stool). I am now ok though, after a big argument we went back and got her the jacket.


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