Thursday, January 20, 2005

Zoom Zoom Zoom

I decided to take my wife to the Ice Skating ring today. She hadn't been there yet and since we had nothing else better to do I figured why not. We got there around 6ish I think and we found out that the main large ring was closed because they were preparing it for a concert or something and that only the small one was open. We decided to skip the ice skating and just have dinner. To my surprise there was a McDonalds open at the ring. Turned out they had just officially opened it an hour earlier and we would be one of the first customers! We went in and I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese combo and you can tell they were all beginners. Their were 2 cashiers and each one had a higher ranking official (manager maybe?) watching over their shoulders. The guy told me to take a seat and he would bring me my order. I decided to wait and watch them prepare my burger. 5 minutes later my burger was ready, my drink was ready.. and where was the fries? Turns out no one had bothered to make the fries! I now had to wait another 5 minutes till my fries were ready. When they were done they apologized for being late and gave me my food. What? No free burger or maybe supersizing my meal on the house for making me wait? Not very McDonaldy. I have to say though, this must have been the best quarter pounder and cheese combo I had ever had. I guess because everything was still fresh and the oil sparkling new. Its a pretty cool place and overlooks the ice skating ring. Definitely going back again. When we finished we took a walk outside and onto a pedestrian overpass where I took this picture. Now I am back home and we are going to watch SuperSize Me on DVD.


Blogger Ramsey said...

Wow, nice blog Mark! ^^ Your pictures are very cool, but I would also enjoy seeing less abstract views of Kuwait. I hope you learned something from SuperSize me. ^^ McDonald's food is AWFUL. Have a great day!

8:38 PM, January 21, 2005  

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