Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hala February 2005

I was dropping my wife off to work today morning when I noticed that the main shopping street in Salmiya was closed down. It looked like they were preparing for an event of some sort. When I picked her up for lunch my wife told me that its a parade for Hala February which is the official shopping festival month for Kuwait. So after I dropped her off back to work after lunch I decided to park my car and check the parade out. You could not imagine how many people were there. The last parade had maybe half the amount of people compared to todays. It was crazy. Lots of entertainment going on and I think there will be a draw for something tonight because they had a huge stage set up infront of starbucks with that thing which you use during draws. The one you spin and then you randomly choose a winner. Anyway more pictures of the event can be found by clicking here


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