Friday, January 21, 2005


There is this shawerma place I have been eating at a lot recently. The shawerma tastes really good and best of all you cant taste the garlic. So tonight I told my best friend to come and try it. We were standing there waiting for our shawerma when I noticed one of the employee's come with a large jar of mayonnaise and empty it into what is supposed to be the garlic bowl. I figured maybe they are mixing the mayonnaise with the garlic to make it taste better or maybe they actually mix the stuff in the kitchen but store the garlic in mayonnaise jars. So anyway we got our shawermas and start eating when my friend tells me he doesn't like it that much cuz they put too much mayonnaise for him. Thats when it hit me, the reason I haven't been tasting garlic in the shawerma is because they don't put any! They fucking use mayonnaise instead! I couldn't believe that. Thats like really gross and I will never be eating there again, can't believe I was having it every night this past week and didn't realize this.


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