Thursday, January 27, 2005

twenty four

It was my wife's birthday today, she turned 24. For lunch I decided to take her to Peacock since she hadn't been there yet and she loves chinese food. The food was great, though I could have easily done without the soup nor the appetizers since by the time the main courses arrived we were completely stuffed. When we were done we past by IKEA since we needed a table for our art room. We got a cutting mat around 2 weeks ago and we have been using it on the floor which isn't good for the back at all. In the evening I played some Need for Speed underground 2 which is my game of the week. Later we met up with some friends at Marina Crescent and had dinner at Lina's. I had the croque monsieur which was pretty decent but nothing spectacular. I have had better. We couldn't end the night without some rounds at Gameworks. I personally don't like the place since I have 80% of the games at home on my videogame systems. But I do like the games upstairs, like the basketball hoop thingy. My best friend Nibaq scored the highest on the TWO Quick & Crash machines. Thats the ultimate. We finished around 11:15 and everyone just went home. A pretty full day.


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