Saturday, May 21, 2005

Border Crossings

Tonight I passed by the pier next to Chili's because I wanted to take another long exposure shot since I was getting interesting results recently. I wanted to shoot the pier from the beginning till the end like I did once before with my older camera but all the shots I took had a problem, the people. I need to be at the pier around 1 or 2AM when it would be empty to get the shot I want. Tonight there were too many people on it and the shot wasn't working out my way. So, instead of wasting the trip I decided to experiment and take some other shots. The one I chose for my picture of the day has some interesting elements. Firstly it was shot around 10PM using a 45 second exposure. The color of the sky came out a purplish blue with the right side brighter then the left. This created a nice gradient. The second nice thing I liked about the shot was the rust on the pier. I also liked the way the city lights light up the horizon behind the bridge. I might go to this spot again this weekend at a time when the pier is empty so I could try to capture the whole pier. It has a lot of potential.


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