Thursday, May 12, 2005


Is there any decent graffiti in Kuwait? If there is, I have never seen it. All I keep finding is silly stuff like the ones in the picture, all the same style and all very uncreative. Its really ugly and I am thinking of doing something about it. Today is day 180 of the project.


Blogger PeTiTa said...

Ya the graffiti here sucks! Its ugly uncreative and half the time makes no sense. Like this really stupid kid thought it would be cool to write something in english but of course he doesn't know how to speak english so he ends up writing something as stupid as "f*** polic" How stupid! The arabic graffiti sucks even more because its political and its really stupid

11:28 AM, May 13, 2005  
Blogger forzaq8 said...

i think nibaq had some cool graffiti pictures at his site

12:25 PM, May 13, 2005  
Blogger talal said...

hey guys im Talal a graffiti tager from kuwait.I hope am aint the only tager in kuwait. you are right graffiti sucks in the way we'r not aloud to tag around so I think Failaka island is a good place cuz there ain't no police there .I did some in there just near the Safir hotel . and I will tag again in sep this year.

12:31 PM, August 16, 2005  

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