Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Terrorist Fighting Commandos

I think the Kuwait Towers are really under appreciated here in Kuwait. How often do you visit them? I visit the cafe on top a couple of times a year. I usually go there around 10:30pm. Thats when its nice and empty, very peaceful and quiet. I haven't visited the restaurant ever, but I heard its crap so thats why I haven't bothered to try it. Today on my way to work the towers looked really nice, the sky was nice and blue and their was a bit of sun and it seemed to have been focused completely on the Kuwait Towers. A very beautiful site while driving half asleep to work. Anyway something cool happened to me tonight. I went to visit a friend at the Mubarek al Kabeer Hospital, he just had surgery and me and my wife decided to go check on him. So I get into the elevator and up to the second flood where his room is supposed to be and as soon as the doors open I see 3 Kuwaiti commandos standing there with their M4A1 Colt's. They ask me where I was going and I give them my friends name, they check their list and then let me through. We walk down the corridor towards my friends room and notice a couple of doors down the hall around 5 more commandos were sitting fully armed on chairs outside one of the rooms. So I go in and check on my friend, he tells me that the terrorists that were injured from the recent shootings were staying down the hall. Fucking creepy, terrorists right down the hall.. sucks. So on my way out I decided to ask the commandos if I could take their picture, I went up to them, there were 4 of them now, I asked them if I could take a picture, they shyly all said no no no and one guy mumbled something about how they would get in trouble if they let me. Again very nice people, you hear so much bad stuff about the police in Kuwait and I don't know why, even the terrorists fighting commandos were very nice and if I was a girl would probably use the word adorable to describe the way they all were like no no no. very cool people.


Blogger Zaydoun said...

They are very under-appreciated. They try to do their job, then some asshole with wasta cancels all their hard work, and they get jaded and almost give up!

9:28 AM, February 16, 2005  

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