Sunday, February 13, 2005


Today a calligrapher came to the office to help me out on a logo I was working on. I really love arabic calligraphy but I never had the chance to see a calligrapher work on something live. So when the guy came today I sat down with him and watched him work. Its really unreal. The guy can change handwritings as if I am changing fonts on a computer. He can flip flop from one style to another with such great ease it makes it all look too easy. Its seriously wonderful watching an artist at work. When I was studying design at university I always hated arabic type. Then one time I had to use it for a project and from the moment I started breaking down the letters I fell in love. Arabic is very flexible and you can do a lot with it, stuff you cant do with english. It is a lot harder to work with and learn though, but once you get the hang of it things do get better. By the way, any guys here planning on taking their girlfriends to McDonalds? I passed by today for breakfast and the place was decorated for valentine. Why? Do people actually go and celebrate valentine at McDonalds?


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Another beautiful photo!

12:32 PM, February 14, 2005  

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