Friday, February 11, 2005

The Merger

The coolest thing about getting married is the merger of ones belongings. Me and my wife we have the same taste in music, movies, and books, so when we got married our stuff merged. Our CD and DVD library grew in size, our book collection became larger.. but now, we also have many duplicates. Since our tastes are so similar, when we were still dating we used to buy two copies of stuff, one for her and one for me. I would like a certain design book, and would recommend it to her, then she would go and get it. She would like a certain CD, she would recommend it to me and I would go get it also. So now, after our "merger", we are left with a lot of duplicate items. Take this S,M,L,XL book in the picture. This book at one point was very rare and fetched prices as high as $1250. When it was rereleased a few years ago for $75 we both purchased a copy each the day it came out. Now we have two. The Radiohead Amnesiac album. When I first purchased the limited edition version I loved it so much I quickly bought one for her. Now we have two copies. The list goes on and on. We can't sell the items either, or give them away since we usually have sentimental value attached to them. So in the end, although we are married and our stuff merged, the duplicate items I guess are the only items where one can say "this is mine". Today was day 90 of my project.


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