Saturday, February 05, 2005

Really Wasted

I was leaving work today when I saw a double decker bus. Since when have these been active? It wasn't the government bus, it was for the City Bus company. Before I closed down my old moblog I had taken a picture of some deserted government double decker buses so it was cool so see this new one today. City Bus must be doing good business. Last time I rode a bus here in Kuwait I was still in high school and couldn't afford a cab. It was either a bus or hitchhiking with a Pakistani workers. I actually have a video of me and my best friend getting a ride with a Pakistani worker. It was really funny, we told the guy I was the son of the Canadian ambassador and the guy wanted me to help get him a visa to Canada. Ok, maybe not that funny now but it was back then. I don't know why but every-time I was with my best friend I would always end up being the son of the Canadian ambassador. When we were in Lebanon I got really wasted at this concert, like really wasted and was causing problems, so when the security guards came to kick me out, the same friend quickly told them they couldn't do that because I was the son of the Canadian ambassador, they then let me go! Those were the days.


Blogger Zaydoun said...

As if dodging cement mixers and crazy ass bus drivers wasn't enough... now we have double-deckers to worry about. I imagine passengers would be too scared to sit in the upper deck, for fear they might go flying out the window when the bus driver slams the brakes!

10:01 AM, February 06, 2005  
Blogger yellow brick road said...

so, that explains why you like Tim Hortons!

BTW I was a fan of your Mobblog, it meant a lot to many Kuwaiti students abroad. Big THANK YOU.

8:35 PM, February 06, 2005  

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