Thursday, February 03, 2005

I See Dead People

I left work today at 1:30pm and the sky was really blue and full of clouds. So I took out my camera and kept it next to me in the passenger seat. Every traffic light I stopped at I would take my camera and shoot the sky. Summer is coming which means the days of the nice deep blue sky with white fluffy clouds are numbered. As I was nearing home I spotted a large crowd of workers gathered around someone lying on the floor. There was an ambulance parked near by and 2 ambulance people were running towards the crowd. While driving by I took a few shots but sadly my terrible aiming wasn't able to capture the body on the floor. On the brighter side, I was left with this nice colorful image to share with you.


Blogger The Word said...

You have a sad life if you think it is disappointing not to have captured the body on the floor. You seem quite retarded. I hope if you are ever in a similar situation (being surrounded by ambulance people while in a vulnerable state on the floor) that someone has their camera to capture your distress and see how you would feel to have your defenceless predicament recorded for some brain dead arsehole’s sideshow.

1:10 AM, June 26, 2005  
Blogger Ruff_Boi said...

Hmm. I'm a photographer and for a long time I've wanted to do a body of work (pardon the pun) that focuses on the reality, the horror, of accidents. I've never had the balls though to run up to some twitching corpse and then compose a shot.Call me chicken. I do think its a good idea though - something to drive home the consequence of lane hopping @ 180km/h on the Gulf road??

12:51 PM, November 13, 2005  

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