Saturday, February 19, 2005


Today I went to get a shave at my barbershop. The place is under my building and it costs me only 1KD for a shave and 1KD for a haircut. I go there once a week for a shave, and twice a month I get a haircut with the shave. I am what you could call a VIP customer there. The guy in the middle is my barber. The guy on the right I dont like the way he shaves me, but the guy on the left is the pro shaver. I think he is the most qualified from the 3 in shaving. I had him a couple of times and he was great. BUT, because the first time I went there I went with the guy in the middle, from that day on he became my barber by their rule book. Recently my barber (guy in the middle) travelled for 3 months on vacation. So I started using the guy on the left. It was perfect, my dream barber was finally shaving me and cutting me. But then, 3 months later, my old barber comes back. So now what happens? Do I go back to my old barber? Or do I destroy their way of life and go with the barber I always wanted? Will my old barber get pissed or even allow this change to take place? I decided to leave it up to them to decide. So last week I go to the barbershop and turns out my old barber was busy with a customer, so my temporary barber (guy on the left) cut my hair. I was lucky that time, no one had to make a choice. Today I went to my barber and all 3 had no clients! They were just sitting. So I walk in and there was this pause, time slowed down incredibly, and I was like now what, do I sit in my old barbers share, or is it automatically assumed that since the other barber was cutting my hair for 3 months that I should continue with him? Suddenly, my old barber got up, came towards me shook my hands and made me sit in his chair. My old barber is back, and now I am stuck with him for another 3 years or something until his next vacation.

PS: I just finished setting up my new blog called 2:48AM


Blogger Zaydoun said...

Mark.. its your hair. you call the shots!

2:08 PM, February 20, 2005  
Blogger Mark said...

the last thing you need is a pissed off barber with a sharp razor blade! :)

2:14 PM, February 20, 2005  

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