Thursday, February 24, 2005

Drive By

I just finished watching the movie Identity. What a disappointing movie. I think it was trying too hard to be different and the ending.. really crap. Anyway, today I picked up nataly from work so we could go have lunch. Everywhere we went was packed. We passed by Ceasers chinese restaurant in Salmiya and it was packed, TGIF.. packed, Chillis.. ultra packed. Then Nibaq called us and we decided to go have lunch together. We went to Baba Taher, one of my favorite restaurants which I will be reviewing tomorrow on 2:48AM. It wasnt packed at all and lunch was amazing. Afterwards we drove back to Salmiya on the Gulf Road. The cops are everywhere this year, we counted 5 police cars at one intersection! Then you have all these regular cars but with black tinted windows and a blue flasher on the roof.. the undercover cops or something, these guys are all over the place this year also. Tomorrow is going to be really cool, hopefully like every year the streets will get totally packed and grind to a halt. And everyone will be outside the cars dancing and spraying foam and stuff. Nataly has never been here during national day and I told her what she will see tomorrow she couldn't imagine it. People really love to celebrate here. Last year me and nibaq got sprayed with foam due to my stupid mistake. We were at a traffic stop when we saw a guy with foam walking by looking for people with open windows. My window was open and I saw that he saw that. So I quickly pressed the button to close it, the automatic closing got activated but then just as he got closer I panicked and pressed the close button again, this made the auto close stop and it left around 10cm of the window still open, that was more then enough. Few seconds later he walks on down the road looking for another victim, while me and nibaq recover from the foam attack.


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