Saturday, February 26, 2005

Don't Spray and Drive

Tonight I drove down to Kuwait City. Me and Nat were playing some NBA Street V3 on the Xbox when we just suddenly got bored and wanted to leave the house. We decided to skip Salmiya since we figured there would be too much traffic and decided to head down to the city. We hit the Istiqlal highway when we got stuck in a traffic jam. I figured it must be because of the celebrations and figured we would spend the rest of the night stuck stuck there in our cars. But it turned out there was a minor car accident and thetraffic cleared. 2 minutes later we hit more traffic and once again turns out it was a minor car accident. The whole way from Salmiya to Kuwait City and back we might have been in at-least 3 accidents and we saw around a dozen other accidents. Yesterday when I was out on the streets I didn't really notice this but drive by spraying is dangerous. Some people are very careless and thats why there were so many accidents. I was driving on the far left lane when suddenly a Pajero swerves from the middle lane towards my lane. Why? There was another car to his right trying to spray him with foam so he was trying to escape by changing into my lane. This happened more then once and I spent the whole ride just keeping an eye out in every direction for potential problems. I am definitely not against any of the celebrations but I think foam spraying should be left for the Gulf Road and not the main major highways. Or at-least not when everyone is driving at 100+KM. Anyway what happened to all the nicely lit up buildings in the city? Usually I would find tons of colorfully lit up buildings but this year I couldn't find anything worth take a picture of.


Blogger Gigi said...

Why must there always be those whose lack of common sense will ruin things for others?

Gigi, angrily

9:41 AM, February 27, 2005  

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