Monday, December 20, 2004


Hmmmm I love Subway. I love their variety, I love the food and I love the fact when I am done eating a sandwich 1 foot long, I don't feel bloated or fat. Subway has had a troubled history here in Kuwait and even in Lebanon. In Kuwait I think it was owned by The Sultan Center before and the place was really crap and it failed badly. Then it was reopened under new management and the place is doing great. In Lebanon I used to eat at Subway like every other day, then one day I noticed they started replacing the olives with this other weirder tasting one, and then I noticed the chicken stopped tasting or looking the same, and the place kept getting worst and worst till it shut down. Turned out the owner was replacing some of the ingredients with ones bought on the local market to save money and so Subway took the franchise off him.


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