Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Great Flood of 2004

I woke up in the morning and Kuwait was flooded, no really flooded! I looked outside the window and it was raining. I looked down at the street and there was a river where a road was before. Through out the whole day everyone I spoke to was like you should have been here for the "Great Flood of 97", it was much worst, the water was this high and reached all the way up there. People were going around in Jet Ski's and even trucks drowned. I was like yeah, wish I was here. Anyway this picture is of a parking lot of this building near mine. Seems they had a terrible drainage system since the parking and underground pool/internet cafe drowned. Really drowned. They had 4 pumps pumping out water all day long. A friend of my dad lives in that building, his car drowned. If you look at the picture you can actually tell how high the water had reached by the marks on the wall.


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