Sunday, December 19, 2004

Tommy Hilfiger

I was in the elevator tonight leaving a building when this Indian lady started talking to me. She was telling me about how cold the weather is. I replied telling her the cold is great, I love it when its cold. She replied telling me that yeah because you can buy nice jackets to keep you warm. The elevator reached the ground floor and she got out and went her way and I went mine. What she said though got stuck in my head. Yeah I was wearing my nice Tommy Hilfiger jacket and was all nice and warm, but surely you can find cheap jackets that would keep you as warm just without the style and the brand.. right? Then I started thinking about the Janitor in the office, how every-time he sees me with a different jacket he asks me how much I paid for it. So I was walking to my car when I took this picture of some low wage workers walking home or something. They look warm don't they? I don't know, maybe the chick was right..


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