Friday, September 23, 2005

Magic Mountain

Went to the drive through car wash in Mansouriyeh today. I used to go to the Bayan one but that one has been shutdown for renovation, so today I went to the one on the 4th Ring Road and that one was also closed. I asked an employee there where I could find a working one and he sent me to Mansouriyeh. I get there and the place looked empty, so I go in and I pay the guy at the entrance, then I drive behind the gas station and I see 2 long lines waiting for their interiors to be cleaned. exactly 1 hour later it was my cars turn to be cleaned. One fucking hour! Just today morning I had taken out the PSP from my bag since I figured I wasn't going to use it, so there I was in my car waiting for my turn wishing I hadn't left the PSP home. Luckily Nat was with me so we ended up playing some Tic Tac Toe and Hangman. The whole point of drive thru's is that they are quick, this wasn't quick. So word of advice, don't wash your car on a Friday.


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