Friday, July 01, 2005

A Night Out in Jabriya

I was cleaning up my room today when I noticed the sky was very colorful. I don't know why, maybe its like this everyday and I probably don't notice it but today I did. I didn't go anywhere today, no "discover kuwait" no nothing. I realized since I only have 1 day off through out the week I want to be as lazy as possible when that day comes. It's Day 230 of the project.


Blogger Entrepreneur said...

Nice tones, there is flammingo pink in there somewhere

10:01 PM, July 01, 2005  
Blogger tarachand said...

You should open up an account on deviantArt for all these photos that you take ;)

If you don't go there already, you'd probably enjoy browsing some of the site too.

Btw, Nice project you have going on here :)

-(from a fellow Kuwait resident :D)

7:39 AM, July 02, 2005  
Blogger Rampurple said...

the sky was actually really beautiful yesterday.. it is rare to see such colorful skies in kuwait

1:32 PM, July 02, 2005  
Blogger Entrepreneur said...

Actually we get decent sunsets alot of the time...

11:10 AM, July 03, 2005  

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