Monday, June 27, 2005


I had to pass by the Kuwait University today. At first I thought we were going to the one located in the Adlieh area since I assumed that was the largest one but we ended up going to the Shuwaikh branch instead. I had a friend back in 1993 who's parents taught at KU so they were living on campus. I used to go over to his place all the time and we would hang around near the stadium with other kids who lived there and I knew the whole place inside out. Today was the first time I visited the campus since then and boy has it changed. The campus is now HUGE, its like driving around in a city, its really big and spread out with buildings everywhere. We parked the car and walked around campus and I was actually impressed with what I saw. I did get disappointed though when he told me that all the classes were segregated and that even in the cafeteria there is a large wall separating the guys from the girls. Its really sad that this was done. The shot I took is from one of the lounges. The 3 guys in the back were playing on the PS2.


Blogger Judy Abbott said...

and clean neat class rooms then u should see our faculty in khaldeya :( not like that :( :( at all

11:05 PM, June 27, 2005  

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