Friday, June 03, 2005

A Hamster

Today we passed by the Animal Market (next to Friday Market). Nat wants to get a pet so we went to see what was available. We found dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, ostriches, chickens, ducks, turkeys, you name it they had it. In the end we decided we would get a hamster. Before we do though we need to order the hamster a decent playground. I hate putting animals in cages. I would never buy birds for example because I can't stand the site of them being locked up. So, I told Nat if we are going to get a hamster we should get him the coolest playground we can get. Something huge with lots of things for the hamster to do. I checked and found a couple of cool products but we will probably go with the Park Avenue Duplex since its the biggest playground we could find and I could expand it more with accessories if I wanted to. Once I place the order and get the product, then we will go back to the animal market and get hamster. I still need to read online though if it would be better to get 2 hamsters that way they could entertain themselves. Off the subject now, remember the microwave oven macaroni and cheese product I purchased the other day. Well it turned out to be amazing, I have had it twice now and I really enjoyed it both times. Its very easy to make and costs only 950 fils for a pack of 6 dinners. I definitely recommend it.


Blogger fadibou said...

I have a fried who bought 3 guinea pigs, 2 females and a male. In 2 years they became 59. It was like dynasty(the soap opera). The big guy called Mishel was mating with mary and salma(the chicks), and he soon extended his reign to the his daughters etc. Misho, died at the age of 4 but I think he lived a full life to the fullest. I will post soon photos of them.

12:25 AM, June 04, 2005  
Blogger Maryam said...

Mark: you really like junk food
fadibou: hehehe I cannot wait to see the photos

9:02 AM, June 04, 2005  
Blogger Mark said...

is macaroni and cheese junkfood??

9:08 AM, June 04, 2005  
Blogger Jacqui said...

First of all, I was just thinking of getting a pet hehe but I don't know yet heheh I always wanted a hamster but they don't let me have one.. :/ And as for the Mac and Cheese I should get one I really would like to try it :r and no Mac and cheese is not junk food :r

12:04 PM, June 04, 2005  
Blogger snookie said...

hey ive had hamsters for years!

if you can deal with baby hamsters get a pair of hamsters. do NOT get 2 males or 2 females and put them together! no matter what the dude at the store says. when they mature, hell will break loose (not kidding)..

i had a pair and they would produce every couple of months.. a litter of 4-8.. when the babies were about a month old (when the parents start to be abusive to them.. hehe) i'd put them in a temporary place of their own until they were all distributed (given to friends or sold back to the animal market) if u decide on getting one hamster, i recommend getting a male (less moody)..

i had the dwarf hamsters.. grey with black and white stripes on the back.. generally a good breed but bitchy and moody sometimes.. since im used to them, i stuck by that breed.. but i once babysat a friends hamster, golden breed is what theyre called i think, and it had the BEST desposition.. really friendly and when u place it on ur lap it'll usually stay there and chill out.. the dwarf hamsters run all over u.. hehe.. i dont know if u can find that breed in the animal market though.. whatever u decide on getting, make sure the hamster is no more than 4 months old.. sorry for blabbing and enjoy ur hamster(s)

4:46 PM, June 04, 2005  

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