Friday, May 27, 2005

Lord of the Flies

Me and Nat needed to pass by Sultan Center today so we ended up going to the one in Salwa since the Salmiya one was incredibly crowded. When we got to the Salwa branch there were a whole bunch of young local kids hanging out under the shade sitting on the grass. When I was in high school I would hear stories about these little kids and how you should never fuck with them. People would say if you ever got into a fight with one of these kids you would end up being attacked by like 100 of them. I later witnessed it myself, I saw two Egyptian kids once shoving this tiny local kid around, a minute later it started showering rocks on the two Egyptian kids, there were maybe 30 or 40 tiny local kids running in the direction of the two bullies and they were throwing tiny rocks at them. Anyway when we were done with Sultan and we got out, I saw the kids still sitting on the grass, so I went up to them and asked them in English if I could take a picture of them. One of the kids who seemed to understand English said "yes yes" and then told the other kids what I had asked. They all got excited and got up and posed for me. I took their picture and when I was leaving I heard one of the kids say "jawzto 7elwa" in Arabic which means his wife is pretty, that made Nats day..


Blogger Jacqui said...

That's cute but suicidal in a way.. cute because of the comment they said and suicidal for anyone who messes with those kids lol :P

9:22 PM, May 27, 2005  
Blogger Purgatory said...

hahahaha if you only knew what your photo will do to you :) never mess with them.

9:47 PM, May 27, 2005  
Blogger Kyle said...

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1:17 AM, May 28, 2005  
Blogger Kyle said...

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1:35 AM, May 28, 2005  
Blogger Kyle said...

Hehe let's just say this brings to mind some memories :D
Nice pic

1:55 AM, May 28, 2005  

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