Saturday, October 15, 2005


The weather was very humid tonight so I wasn't able to do a lot of shooting. I was planning on going back down to the city again but decided to stay in Salmiya and shoot here. Opposite Salmiya Palace on the seaside there is this thing, I don't know what its called but its a fountain with this tall tower over it. It's hard to explain so here is a picture of it. Anyway I took this shot off to the side of the fountain. I used a long 15 second exposure while using my tripod. It was around 6PM which I have realized is a good time to take night shots since with a decent amount of exposure time the sky lights up into a nice blue. I think the picture looks like it was rendered in 3D on a computer.


Blogger geo said...

it can be classified as a gazebo

2:55 AM, October 16, 2005  
Blogger Mama Fusla said...

for a pergolla?
Nice shot btw!

3:19 PM, October 20, 2005  

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