Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Lately I have been experimenting more with colors, abstract patterns and shapes. Its an interesting direction which allows me to explore my everyday space more carefully for an arresting subject.


Blogger The Dictator said...

hey man

ive been following ure work for some time.. u seemt o have lost ure touch completely.. it went from a project that shows u something to kuwait to a mind warping psychadelic mushroom trip.. it seems to me that either of the following or ALL of it is true:

1) you are gettting really bored of your project

2) your getting too lazy to leave ure house or its getting to be an inconveniance walking around lugging a camera.

3) kuwait has nothing left for you to photograph

or and i think this is the strongest point

4) you have either started taking drugs or increased ure dose by a mile.. or mabye added in some psychadelics for fun?

all i mean to say is the project is sort of turning into a stoner "trippy image of the day" site.. not the beatiful photos i looked forward to everyday..

oh well i hope this gets u in gear!

12:20 AM, August 24, 2005  
Blogger Mark said...


1) well, i am not bored of the project thats for sure.

2) i still carry my camera everywhere but i do leave the house less. kuwait gets hot in the summer with tempretures reaching 50+ degrees celcius so its not very convenient to go walking anywhere. this is why most of the summer shots are indoor while most of the winter outdoor.

3) urgh, this can't be a problem although this is what i think is happening. i am running out of things to shoot very quickly. but, i believe its because i have exhausted all my options from my routine life. I would have to go and do things i dont usually do to get more "kuwait" shots but when you leave work at 7pm all you want to do is go lie down infront of the tv, and in the summer you dont want to go anywhere.

4) i need drugs!

thanks for the feedback, i will try to get back on track. maybe i should stop using my 50mm lens and start shooting with a 28mm. that should allow me to take shots i couldnt have before. will see what i can do. this picture was Day 283.

7:08 AM, August 24, 2005  

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