Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Today I had a photo shoot on a boat. I hate boats, I hate the sea and I have a major motion sickness issue. But, it was work and I had to go on this photo shoot. I didn't take any pills or anything just the idea that I would be ok. Last time I was on a boat was pre 1990 and I got really sick but I was just a kid. So, with that in mind I woke up today morning convinced that I would be ok. We get to the Souk Sharq marina at 8:30AM, the boat we were going to take was a huge 70 foot yacht. I got on it and right away opened a conversation with the captain. I asked him if the weather was good and if the ride was going to be bumpy. He told me the weather is perfect, the sea is very calm and the ride should be very smooth. I was like cool, where is the best place to sit on this boat if you have motion sickness? He pointed up towards the second floor and that I should stand near the controls up there. At 9AM we started our departure. I went up to the second floor and stood near the captain and we slowly headed out towards the sea. I was expecting to get sea sick by now but I was doing fine. Once we get out of the marina into the open sea the boat started jumping over waves, still I was doing fine surprisingly. Maybe a minor sign of motion sickness but nothing major at all, I was like cool, I can finally ride boats without being afraid of getting sick. 15 minutes later we get to our destination near the Kuwait Towers and we throw down the anchor. As soon as we stopped things started going downhill. The boat started to move up and down, left and right with the current. I was advised to stand, loosen up and keep my eye on the horizon. This was supposed to help me feel less sick, it didn't work. The shooting was about to start so I had to go down to the first floor and monitor the shoot when suddenly I felt like puking. I couldn't take it, I drank some water, then some orange juice but I was still feeling sick. So I went back up to the roof and hung out there while thinking about how close we were to the port and how the shoot wasn't going to take long. At one point I even considered swimming to shore. Finally at around 11AM the shoot finished and we started heading back to shore. I told the captain to step on it since I was really sick. A few minutes later we pulled up back into the marina and I jumped off the boat. I then got into my car and drove back home where I spent 2 hours just lying on my couch trying to get over the motion sickness. Its 10PM now and I still have a headache.

I decided today I am never going on a boat again. A perfect sea, a large ass boat and still I got sea sick. Imagine a smaller boat and rougher sea... just thinking about it now makes me sick.


Blogger fadibou said...

poor mark, now I won't take you on my yakht ever. That is when I buy one, Actually thinkig about it, it doesnt make sense to buy one. Thank you for the tip. Tomorrow 1:00 pm we are going to Kempinski, do you get pool sick too ?

10:09 PM, June 15, 2005  
Blogger PeTiTa said...

hehe i feel sorry for you but you got to get over it Mark the sea is beautiful and its just amazing you have to explore it. I am like in love with the sea.

1:40 PM, June 16, 2005  

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