Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Trail Rated

Went to Marina Mall today to check out all the 4x4's. If you didn't know, from the 9th of this month till the 18th, their is a 4x4 expo at the Marina Crescent. All the major brands are their and most have special deals going on. The new Land Rover Discovery is on display their and it looks really hot also. The coolest part of this event though is the 4x4 test track. Basically their are around 10 cars of different brands which you can personally take and test drive on a man made off-road course on the beach. I spent sometime their watching people drive around and it looked pretty cool. I actually enjoyed watching some of the drivers, and most were really taking advantage of the test drive. I saw a guy take out the Range Rover and literally jump off a small man made hill. Then of-course you had the slow cautious drivers who took their time and basically bored the hell out of everyone. I love 4x4's, tomorrow morning I got to pick up my wife's new Wrangler. I can't wait. Hopefully it will be a nice sunny weekend so I can take the top off.


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