Thursday, January 06, 2005


I watched Irreversible today. Its supposed to be a shocking movie featuring a 20 minute gruesome rape scene that is supposed to haunt you permanently. I was excited and a bit worried to watch the movie, who would want to be haunted permanently by a rape scene? Well I watched the movie and was disappointed. It wasn't bad definitely but I think it could have been maybe a bit better. Without ruining the plot, the movie plays backwards, the last thing that happens in the movie is the first thing, which is cool but the fact is that once u know what happens, and once you know why it happened, the movie becomes boring. Nothing to expect anymore. I think the movie delivers allot really quickly the first half of the movie and then lets you absorb it the other half. The rape scene wasn't that bad. I have seen worst. The internet has made me immune to a lot of things.


Blogger lulu said...

i found irreversable quite an ok movie... i didnt find the rape scene so bad either but then again its still stuck in my memory so i guess it did impact me in some way. i have one major issue as far as it goes with the movie which was the way the whole movie was filmed with the camera constantly going around in just made me dizzy

6:27 PM, June 13, 2005  

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